Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Terri's Sale

One of my favourite online shops, From Here to Quilternity is having a fabulous sale! Terri has a wonderful range of my favourite fabrics...Kaffe Fassett, as well as others, including a wonderful Amy Butler fabric, recently re-released....wallflower in cherry!

Her sale finishes on Wednesday night (US time) so there is still plenty of time to rush over there and snap up a huge bargain. Oh, and did I mention that she is selling her fabrics at 35% off? That means this gorgeous cherry fabric is a mere $6.17 per yard (US dollars), how amazing is that? At prices this low it's a great time to buy backings don't you think? You can mention Cathy's blog in the comments section so she will know where you have come from.

I hope to get back in the next few days to show you the gorgeous table runner Nicolette made me for the SSCS swap...been very busy with visitors from Brisbane, so haven't had a chance to take a good photo yet!!! I hope your week as a wonderful one as 2009 comes to a close. xo

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Love & Romance on Christmas Eve

My last post before the big day tomorrow. I promised I would show you my finished first border on Kim McLean's Hearts and Flowers quilt that I am making with Amy Butler's new Love fabrics.

I decided to change it a little from Kim's original design. Using these beautiful fabrics certainly makes for a very busy quilt, so I am leaving out all the smaller applique shapes, and using only the larger applique shapes that Kim has provided.

I am loving how this quilt is turning out so far, Amy's fabric is so inspiring and Kim's pattern is so wonderful....beautiful applique's and lots of gorgeous borders. I've started to cut out the squares for the second border, hope to work on that soon after Christmas.

But for now....a wonderful & safe Christmas to all tomorrow!

Monday, December 21, 2009

End of Colour Week

Black & White Monday

It has been a fun challenge that Kendall has given us, to take photo's of different colours each day for a week. Today is the final day....black & white! I didn't think I would have much to show for black and white day, but I found a few things lying around! Firstly my newish black and white heels...I adore that red buckle and these shoes are SO comfortable!

The black and white lamp on my bedside table, many books read by this light.

My pretty black and white vase a lovely friend gave me for my 40th birthday 2 years ago (...oops, now you know how old I just turned!).

Black and white polka dot binding, makes a very colourful quilt look fabulous I think!!

So that wraps up colour week for me. Thanks again Kendall for hosting this week, I loved visiting the other colour week blogs to see what colours they found!

I also want to say a huge WELL DONE to my youngest son, he starred in our Christmas production at church over the past two nights. He played a wiseman called Harry and did a brilliant job, as did the rest of the cast and crew! Fabulous.

In the next day or two I will have a photo to show of my Hearts and Romance quilt, I have now finished the first border and I'm very happy with it!!! See you then. xo

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Red Sunday

Wow, I'm loving seeing all the Christmas decorations around blogland at the moment, aren't you? And for us Aussie girls, it's a treat to see a white Christmas, even though we cannot experience that here.

For Red Sunday I had to include a few red Chrissy decs...a red bauble...

A red, handblown glass heart....

And Nicolete's beautiful bird that she made for me....

My red Matryoshka Dolls look great at Christmas time...

A pretty little red jug, made in Copenhagen...

Red toenails for a summery, Aussie Christmas!

Lastly, a big thank you to Joan over at Wishes, True and Kind, thank you for your lovely words, you have made my day!

Back tomorrow for black or white Monday (the last day of colour week). Actually I think mine will be black AND white!!! Don't forget you can see other beautiful colours here. xo

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Brown Friday & Orange Saturday & Thank You!

Thank you so much for your wonderful Birthday wishes, I had a fabulous day. I have been working a lot so haven't had time to return comments personally, so I thank you here. I really appreciate your friendship and support, you made my birthday a very special one.

Yesterday I worked til late then had some great friends around for a beautiful Thai meal, so I ran out of time to write about the colour Brown. In any case, as I looked around my home I realised most of my brown was boring, like my old op shop brown loungechair, or my brown computer desk, nobody wants to see those! So I had decided to change the colour from brown to cream (although I don't really call cream a colour, more a tint really!!). A couple of years ago a lovely friend gave me this amazing Nativity scene from WillowTree. 

The figurines are simply gorgeous, made to look like woodcarvings, each piece has such personality.

Each year they sit on top of my piano (actually that's brown, but not in the pic!!), and serve to remind us of the real meaning behind Christmas.

For Orange Saturday, I just had to take a photo of the gorgeous orange and hot pink flowers hubby gave me for my birthday, stunning aren't they?
Also a pic of my wonderful old bobbin I found a little while ago, which holds some orange ribbons.

And, of course, some orangey fabric. The fabric on the left is another favourite Kaffe of mine, this fabric (August Rose) is an old one and you can't buy it now unfortunately. The fabric peeking through on the right is a newer fabric (Kirman), just as gorgeous. Kaffe's colours as usual are so saturated and glorious.

Only two colour days to go, thank you for coming along for a ride on the colour wheel with me, and thanks Kendall for hosting a fun, colourful exercise. I have almost completed the first border on my Love and Romance quilt so hope to get a photo up in the next few days. See you tomorrow xo

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blue Thursday & Birthday!

Well, I promised teapots, so here they are....my little collection of Burleighware blue & white teapots (with a few little jugs and a sugar bowl thrown in!).

I found it rather hard to photograph these to show them off to their best, so this will have to do. One of my favourites amongst the bunch is this pair called 'Secret Garden', I just adore the peacock strutting under the garden arch.

Even their backstamp is beautifully done.

I will spend more time taking better photo's one day and show the rest of the collection, there is a few of them!!! What else do you need if you have many teapots? Teapot warmers of course!!! I made these earlier this year and might have to do a little tutorial on them, they are so easy. Love that blue and white fabric!

On the blue and white theme I also have two lovely little plates I picked up cheaply from an op shop (fuzzy pic, sorry!).

I love the backstamp on one of these plates too, it's stained and cracked and beautiful and I wish it could talk and tell me it's story.

Another blue here today is my little bag I made a couple of years ago. It's a lovely little pattern from Monica Poole of Moon Shine called Lou Lou. It's had a lot of use and been a great little bag to carry around just a few bits and pieces.

My last blue is another ceramic jug, made in Japan this time. I found this one in a secondhand shop down the road and bought it with money Mum sent me for my birthday a few years ago. 

And yes, you guessed it, it's my birthday today, yay!!! I'm off to work for the rest of the day, so will celebrate quietly tomorrow night. I hope your day is a wonderful one...and as my youngest son tells me...only 8 days til Christmas! xo

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pink Wednesday

I was reading a trashy magazine at the hairdressers today and came across a lady who wore only pink! Imagine....pink everything, dresses, shoes, earrings, beads, handbags, all hanging up in her pink painted bedroom, she had even dyed her dog a pretty shade of pink!!!! It was all a little nauseating really. I do love pink, but not in the extreme. So here is a small example of the pinks I love.....

My little English teapot. Not a very bright pink, more a salmon colour really, but lovely just the same. I was fortunate enough to travel to England for my brothers wedding about 8 years ago, and this is my one little souvenir that I bought back with me. Made out of some kind of metal or enamel.

I love the inside of the lid, a gorgeous eggshell blue (perhaps I should have shown you that on blue Thursday!!).

One of the Christmas baubles I bought one year, simple, but pretty. Yes, the tree is almost up, my youngest son got sick of waiting for me to do it, and put the tree up today. Hubby has just put the lights on it, which leaves a few more decorations for me to place and we are done....finally!!!

And my most adored Kaffe fabric of all time. For some reason, over the years that I have loved Kaffe fabrics, this one, Roman Glass Pink, has remained one of my favourites.

 Doesn't it look wonderful in this Wheel of Fortune quilt I made a couple of years ago?

Kendall has some lovely colours over at her blog, as well as a list of other colour bloggers if you want to see some more pinks, greens and yellows. Back tomorrow with Blue Thursday and there might be a few teapots in the picture! xo

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Green Tuesday

Each year I buy one Christmas decoration for my tree. This year I found this pretty, plump pigeon and couldn't resist him! Isn't he gorgeous?

I really think he will be too heavy for my Christmas tree (which I still haven't put up yet, I know, I know, Christmas is next week, at least we have our corrugated iron one up!), so I think he will be sitting in my windowsill all year round. I love his little tail.

Busy day today, off to work now then out tonight with friends. I'm taking my pavlova for dessert, here it is undressed (just before eating I will top it with cream, raspberries and shavings of dark Lindt chocolate, yum!). Pavlova has to be the easiest dessert to make. This one is simply 6 egg whites whipped up with 2 cups castor sugar and will feed about 16 people. Never any leftovers!

I love the green Sandi Henderson fabric it's sitting on. What's your favourite green thing at your house? xo

Monday, December 14, 2009

Colour My World

Yellow Monday
Joining in with Kendall's Colour Week, taking a photo of a different colour each day, my first offering is a simple measuring cup.

When looking about the house trying to decide what I own that is yellow, I realise that while I do love the colour yellow, I don't actually have much of it in my home (except for yellow fabric of course!). I love the retro look of these measuring cups, you can see the colours of the other cups in the background. To see what other 'Yellow Mondays' have photographed, check Kendall's Colour blog for the links (remember America is a little behind us here in Oz, may take a little while yet!!).  Pop by tomorrow to check out Green Tuesday. xo

Friday, December 11, 2009

Jacobs Coat grey

Wow, deliveries in the mail are taking a little longer to get here this time of year, but my darker grey background has finally arrived!! And it's perfect, just the look I was hoping for, what do you think....the new darker Charcoal grey background....

The lighter Coal background....

My photo's aren't the best, but I'm happy now, the darker grey really does make the bright colours stand out well.

I also received in the mail a fabulous Kona Cotton colour chart, sent to me so generously by the wonderful Janet from Quiltsalott.

Thank you so much Janet, this will make choosing colours for future quilts so much easier, and how wonderful to put fabrics in my stash next to the colours in the chart to see what solids will complement the best.

Look at all those beautiful colours...the chart is so long I can't get it all in the photo!!!

Have you checked out the SEWN giveaways lately? They are opening up a new giveaway each day, and there are some beautiful things over there, don't miss out.

Sarah at the The Last Piece is giving away some gorgeous gifts too, go and see if you can win something lovely! xo

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Creating but not stitching!

I feel as though I went to bed on the 25th of November and woke up today, the 8th December, where did the last few weeks go?!!! I'm sure you are all feeling the same with the many and various things you have to do before Christmas! I must confess, I haven't done any stitching, cutting, quilting, or even Christmas sewing in the past 2 weeks. I have however done a little bit of creating....I have been making a little bit of jewellery. I guess I can't go for too long without having to make something! I have had some beautiful handmade lampwork glass beads sitting in my cupboard for a long time, and the other day I thought I would play with them and see what I could make. These beads I purchased from a lovely Etsy shop called Silverfish Designs. I strung them together with some bali silver beads from Alchemy and Ice (an Aussie shop) and the beautiful clasp I purchased from Bubba's Gemstones

Aren't the lampwork beads gorgeous, each bead has a slightly different detail.

I purchased the next beads as a bracelet from Gemma Beads but wanted to change it a bit so I added my own bits and pieces to the stunning floral lampwork beads.

The dragonfly charm is one of my favourites, I got him from Dragynsfyre etsy shop. I love having 'danglies' on my bracelets!!

Tonight I was fiddling with some beautiful little freshwater pearls and made them up into earrings.

I like these, they are light to wear and will look good with anything I think. So my creative side is satisfied for the time being. How are you coping with all the extra's that come at this time of the year...the school presentations, the work socials, the church breakups, the school book buying, the kids home from school, the Christmas organizing....etc, etc? I hope you have a wonderful week xo

Friday, December 4, 2009


Oh....My....Goodness!!! My SSCS (secret santa christmas swap) present arrived today all the way from The Netherlands! It turns out my partner is Nicolette from Dutch Comfort blog who has put together for me the most incredible package.

(I thought it was apt to photograph it all on tulips fabric!!) The idea with the sscs is that we have one handmade present to put under our tree to open on Christmas day, and one handmade Christmas decoration to open when the parcel arrives. Not only did Nicolette have these two presents all beautifully wrapped, but she threw in so many more fabulous decorations and other surprises for me to open as well.

 card holder pegs, buttons, tealight candle holder, timber Christmas decorations, 
fabric decorations with bells, and Nicolettes handmade pretty little bird

Wow!!! I'm stunned Nicolette, these are truly beautiful. In our house at Christmas we have a uniquely Australian corrugated iron Christmas tree made for us by a special friend (thanks Gary). This year my iron tree is looking fabulous with all these beautiful decorations from Holland.

I love the pretty little bird that Nicolette has made for me, he is so beautiful.

But that wasn't all, Nicolette has been lurking around my blog and discovered I'm a bit of a Kaffe fan....

Wow, beautiful Kaffe fabrics, Oh Yay!!! I will be putting them to good use Nicolette. And then there was the coffee lollies (yum) and two lovely postcards from her home town. Because I have had a wonderful time opening these amazing presents, I am not even tempted to open the present that has to wait under my tree to be opened on Christmas Day (well, I am tempted, but I will be strong!).

Thank you SO MUCH Nicolette, your generosity has touched my heart and I will have a smile everytime I walk past my Netherland/Aussie Christmas tree. And thank you Chookyblue for organising and hosting this wonderful present swap. The present I sent to America has also arrived at its destination, and I can show you what I made after Christmas!

Talking about presents, my postman was busy today....a wonderful pattern from the very talented Kellie from Don't Look Now arrived today (wow, that was fast Kellie)!

I love this pattern and might use some of my new Kaffe's from Nicolette to make it up. I can see it on a coal grey background I think. Thank you Nicolette and Kellie for making my day! xo