Sunday, November 21, 2010

X-Stitch Saturday...on Sunday!

Ok, so I was going to do a post for the Chookyblue Cross-Stich Display yesterday, but Saturday got on top of me! So here I am on Sunday. Not only that but I don't have any cross-stitches left to display....only a few tapestries. There have been so many wonderful Cross-stitches shown around the blogworld, you can find the links to them all here.

I simply cannot remember whether I began with cross-stitch or tapestry in my earlier life, though once I became a quilter, I did not give either cross-stitch or tapestry another glance! I wonder if I ever will in the future? (Though in the future I have planned to learn to ride a horse and ultimately to own one by the age of 50...about 7 years away, so we will see!! Possibly an even more expensive hobby than quilting?). 

Anyway, I'm getting off the is my gum trees and horse (apt) tapestry...
Just had to photograph it with one of our iceberg roses that are going nuts around here after all the rain we have had!

Then there is my black cockatoos....
I love the frame around this one, such a gorgeous patterned timber.
My favourite would have to be my Shearing the Rams tapestry. This is based on a painting by the Australian (tho born in England) artist Tom Roberts (1856-1931).
I did this tapestry when my husband had a period of 5 months where he worked fulltime as well as finished off his degree fulltime. I knew I wouldn't see much of him for these 5 months, and the boys were young and went to bed early, so I chose to spend the evenings doing my tapestry. I got this finished by the time he had finished his degree. And of course, we now go to bed earlier than the boys!
Thank you for tolerating/enjoying a look into my past stitcheries! Thanks Chookyblue for organising the display.

I have done very little on the quilting front lately....I am SURE I slept through October, how can we be halfway through November already? I have started to cut out some lovely fabrics though (I know, I know, I wasn't going to start anything new, but hey, I have finished two UFO's so far!!!). And this is the kit I purchased from the wonderful Material Obsession when I was there back in would you really say this is something new?
Mmm, it won't look quite like this though, I am making changes....! xo

Saturday, November 13, 2010

X-Stitch Saturday

Inspired by Jean at Linen and Raspberry with her gorgeous samplers, Chookyblue decided to host a Cross-Stitch display. Cross-stitch was something I was into in a small way before I got into quilting, so I'm showing the few I did here today.

One of my first was this pumpkin picture, I remember working on this before I was married....
The pattern is worked on a gorgeous slubby linen Aida cloth.

After I had my two boys I spied the kit for this lovely x-stitch. My Father loves fishing so the picture with the two boys fishing was meaningful. I still love the gorgeous purples and oranges....
Just a quick, small daffodils x-stitch for the kitchen....
My favourite of all....giant Macaws!
This was stitched with beautiful threads on a wonderfully soft linen. The colours in this x-stitch are divine. This is hanging in my living room and is quite striking.

That's about it. If you love cross-stitch pieces make sure you head over to Chookyblue's blog. Chooky has all the links to the blogs taking part in Cross-Stitch Saturday. xo

Monday, November 8, 2010

Gotta love a Stitch Day!

I adore stitch days and today was no exception! I had the wonderful Andi from Patch Andi come and visit me, ahh, she is so inspiring! I think I talked more than stitched, but Andi pin basted this gorgeous creation....
 Image from Patch Andi's blog
You can read about this beautiful quilt here

Of course we had to have a break for lunch...
Sitting in the shade of our plum tree surrounded by my husbands very large woodpile!!

Andi is hand quilting her divine Little Folks quilt....
Of course I am useless remembering to take photographs, so I didn't even get a pic of Andi quilting this soft as feathers quilt (photo above from Andi's blog). You will have to wait until she has finished it and blogs about it herself, but I can tell you, her hand quilting is superb. You can check out how she basted these slippery layers of voile together here...brilliant!!

I was so inspired by Andi's quilt I have decided my Little Folks Snowball quilt must be my next UFO, hand quilting it of course!
I did get a little stitching on my Roseville coral tree done...
All in all a fabulous Stitch Day, thanks Andi!

Isn't it wonderful to meet such beautiful quilters through our blogs? We quilters are blessed. xo

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bloggers Quilt Festival

I seem to be about a week behind everyone else and am only just going to make it into Amy's Quilt Festival by the skin of my teeth (and about 44 mins!!).

The quilt I am choosing for the festival is my Licorice Allsorts quilt that was seen around here back in February. Starting with the back of the quilt, cause I still like the back better than the front and it shows up the quilting pattern really well....
Now for the front and its little story...this quilt began its life in a string quiltalong challenge put out by the lovely Stephanie over at Loft Creations. The idea was to make a string quilt using only the fabrics you had in your stash. I had some gorgeous Flea Market Fancy and lovely black and whites.After trying a few different layouts I ended up going with circles...
After gluing my circles down and adding some half circles around the edges and some squares in the middle...
...I had my liberated Licorice Allsorts quilt...
I then quilted it with freemotion stipple and spirals.
And used a gorgeous black and white Michael Miller for the binding.
Making a liberated type quilt was a lot of fun, I will definitely be using that method again in future.

Now if you have a little spare time, grap a cuppa and check out the hundreds of wonderful quilts in the Bloggers Festival. xo

Monday, November 1, 2010

All Around the Town

Over the past months I have been digging my UFO's out of their hiding places and airing them here with a view to trying to get them finished. A lovely blogger Teresa from Fabric Therapy reminded me of a quilt top I finished about 5 years ago. All Around the Town was a BOM I had joined (alas, I now cannot remember who I purchased this bom through). The pattern is a written by Sue Garman (pub 2000) and was put together using the needleturn applique method.
Although the fabrics that came with the pattern are not my usual choice of colours (not a Kaffe to be seen), I did thoroughly enjoy making up this quilt top. It was fun to make this quilt represent my local community and add in little extras like the seagulls and beach huts so familiar to the Mornington Peninsula (though I did have to cut out the quilt shop to put these in, arrgh!).
Looking at the original pattern I realize I did make a few changes, it appears that I totally ditched the one big house that was sitting on this hill, and made two smaller houses instead (oops I only photographed half a house on the left, trust me, that purple thing is a little house!).
We have a family of geese that roam around our church grounds (oh they are so cute at the moment there are about 7 little goslings waddling around behind all the adults, so sweet), so of course the church block had to get a goose, though I think he looks more like a duck!!!
Teresa is doing a fabulous job of adding in her own touches, I love the pumpkins she has added to her Big Red Barn block.....
Photo from Teresa's Fabric Therapy Blog

Honestly, I will not be working on finishing this one anytime soon, I have too many others I want to finish first. However I have enjoyed taking some photo's and showing this one off.

On a housekeeping note...I apologize that I have not been able to reply to all my comments lately, life has taken me over at the moment (I'm fine, just busy), but I do need to leave a reminder here. I have had a few comments left asking me questions, however they have come through as 'no-reply' so I cannot answer them. PLEASE, if you wish to ask me a question could you send me an email instead of a comment (I do answer all my email questions). You can find my email address by clicking into 'view my complete profile' on the right hand side of my blog. Thank you so much, it distresses me when I cannot answer a question because there is no email address for me to reply to.

For those who live in Victoria...have a lovely Cup Day tomorrow! xo