Sunday, June 26, 2011


It is funny that out of all the Amy Butler Soul Blossoms fabric, the orange is the fabric that speaks to me the most. However as I have done each round on my Star Quilt, the orange round has been the one I have liked the least!!! I do still like it though. Now that it has grown so much it is becoming harder to get a full photo of it. Here it is awkwardly handing on my fence...

I now only have four more rows to go until I start to square it up

Next up will be the green row I unpicked here, then pink, aqua blue and lastly brown.

I have been looking into some plastic templates for this quilt as quite a few people have expressed interest in making it. Perhaps there will have to be a Star quilt quiltalong in the future!!

On the subject of quiltalongs, I am going to join with Jo over at Bearpaw to make a different paper pieced star quilt using up some of my liberty prints.

I hope you had a lovely weekend. xo

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Life has overtaken me a little at the moment, I'm way behind on my comment answering I apologise, and not that much stitching is being done either. I have finally managed to put together a couple of backs.

This back...

For this quilt...

It was fun to make a little feature block...

And this back...

For this quilt...

I did manage to make my first ever sponge cake this week.

It's a Donna Hay recipe and was very easy and straight forward and yummy! I had to give half of it away to make sure we didn't eat it all!

And that's about the sum of it! I hope you are having a great weekend, and for those living in Australia (who get the holiday), have a great Queens Birthday holiday tomorrow. xo

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Leftovers Mini Quilt Done

Thank you everyone for your gorgeous comments on my Leftovers Mini Quilt. I loved reading all your great ideas for what to do with leftover bits of fabric that often get thrown out! I have had a lot of fun with this one and it is now finished. It ended up being around 80-90cms (a yard) or so, of course I posted it before I measured it!!!

Mini quilts are so quick aren't they? I managed to get a photo of this yesterday just as it started to rain. We have had wild, cold weather here at the moment, and lots of hail. Today the sun is out but the wind is freezing!

After cutting out my Japanese x and + blocks I also had some 1 1/2 inch strips leftover, I'm going to try and use them up too. At some point I will get back to those Japanese blocks and finish them off as well!

The quilting on the back is all nice and squiggly...

This is the quilt after it was thrown in the washing machine and tumbled in the came out nice and wrinkly and not too much fraying!

A little label on the back, this one is gifted and on its way to a lovely friend.

Also made this week were a couple of churn dash blocks for Christine at Once upon a Quilt. Christine is generously making up a quilt for Lurline's hubby Ed who has been very ill, you can read more here.

Mmm my stash is mainly brights and florals, not too many manly colours but I think these blocks will be ok.

Have a wonderful week. xo

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Leftovers Mini Quilt

After making some of my Japanese x and + blocks, I have lots of little triangle 'ears' leftover.

I really find it hard to throw them away, though there is not much else to do with them. This time though I decided I would use them, so they got sorted into colour piles....

And lined up on a dotty piece of fabric. The dots were great as I didn't need to rule lines to make sure my triangles were straight, instead I could simply line up each triangle with the dots.

Each triangle was then glued onto the dotty fabric....

A couple of borders added...


Now I'm going to stitch twice around each shape using my darning foot, and the same coloured thread as the triangle I will be stitching!!

If I did this again I think I would iron the triangles to vliesofix (heat and bond) first, then iron them onto their backing fabric. When I made my mosaic quilt (below) the heat and bond helped to seal the edges better therefore I had less fraying...

But that is ok, I'm quite happy with this so far and if I go around each triangle twice that should be stable enough!

Hope to get quilting done and quilt bound tomorrow. What do you do with your teeny tiny leftovers?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

For the Love of Liberty!

For a little while I have been buying up some Liberty Prints and I now have a lovely little shoebox of Liberty...

I'm a little late getting on the Liberty bandwagon, so helping me to increase my little stash of Liberty have been some wonderful Etsy sellers. I thought I would list them here (mainly because I love seeing where other people make their purchases) so these places are where I found most of my Liberty's!...

The wonderful Katrine from Liberty Charms has been so helpful in supplying me with both vintage and new Liberty prints. Katrine sells good sized pieces of liberty for patchwork, as well as gorgeous 6inch square packs.

Then there has been sweet Alice from Alice Caroline Supply who sells lovely fat quarters as well as 2.5 inch and 5 inch charm packs.

Lovely Lily from Lilymeru sells divine Liberty that is printed in Japan. This fabric is even softer than the English Liberty if that is possible!!!

Lily also has the fun Hello Kitty range of liberty.

Some other lovely pieces have been found through... Tilly Charles, Scarlett Rose, Hyggeligt and Miss Elany. As well as these fabulous Etsy sellers I have found gorgeous Liberty at the Shaukat shop in London, and a lot closer to home...Calico and Ivy and Patchwork on Central Park have been fantastic.

I have a couple of quilts in mind for my Liberty, perhaps one of them will be based on Patchandi's amazing scrappy work in progress here.  Another may be a snowball type quilt and perhaps even some applique! Whatever I make with these gorgeous Liberty Prints, I know I'm going to love it! Do you have any Liberty, and if so, where do you buy it?