Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Two Good Reads - Kaffe and Sarah

My copy of the latest Kaffe Fassett book Quilts in Sweden arrived in the mail the other day, yay!!

You know I can never resist any book Kaffe designs be it quilting, knitting, mosaic, whatever. The man sees the world in pure colour and never ceases to inspire and excite me into a  colourful creative frenzy!

 Ooh I love this Barcode quilt by Kaffe Fassett. 
I might need to buy a kit for this one!!

This book does it for me again. Full of delicious quilts photographed in beautiful locations throughout an outdoor museum of period houses in Stockholm, giving added detail and beauty to each page.

 A stunning quilt called Headlights by Liza Prior Lucy

Apart from Kaffe himself, various quilt makers have contributed to the book including Roberta Horton, Mary Mashuta, Liza Prior Lucy, Brandon Mably and others. There are also some interesting process photographs and info showing how Kaffe and Pauline Smith work on the quilt designs for his book.

 Romantic Shawl by Mary Mashuta, love that green!

Ooh I love the carnival horse on this page...!

 Beach by Kaffe Fassett. 
Can't you imagine taking this quilt on a picnic?!

The other book I received recently was Sarah Fielke's (The Last Piece) Quilting From Little Things...

This is another gorgeous book, beautifully photographed with clear instructions and a good how to section at the back.

The Night Garden quilt. Beautiful!!
In the book Sarah presents the quilts in pairs....a dolly quilt and a larger quilt, both using the same techniques. This is a great idea if you want to learn something new...begin with the dolly quilt and progress to the larger one to reinforce your new skills.

I'm thrilled with my new books and know I will get much inspiration from both of them. Now I'm saving some pennies for the new Amy Butler fabrics due for release next month called Lark. Have you seen them yet? They made my heart skip a beat!!!

L) Kasbah and R) Floral Couture
from Amy Butlers new Lark range


Helen in Switzerland said...

Great review - they are certainly two books I'll be looking out for! I think I've probably been to the museum in Stockholm where Kaffe's photos were done - one more reason to buy the book - as if I needed another one!!

Andi said...

Is the Kaffe book sufficiently different to the last 4? I get a bit frustrated with the sameness of all his books.

RuthDesigns said...

Glad you're liking Quilts in Sweden, makes the 6 months of hard work all worthwhile :).

I loved Pauline's insight into the process, sometimes I'm 'in' on it as she rings me and talks through how we'll write up the instructions, sometimes not and I have to work it out later! Either way it's facinating.

Janet said...

I really want the kit for the cover quilt, ever since I saw it in person. I love the look of the barcode as well. You have lots of inspiration in the two books.

ranette said...

Oh I cannot wait to get my copy of Kaffe's new book. I've had it on order for ages. Thanks for the sneak peek!
I already have Sarah's book and I love it. I pull it out just to look at when I'm feeling down.
Now if I could find a place to buy extra time to make all of the quilts in these books, everything would be great! LOL

Anna said...

I love the idea of the dolly quilt! What was the name of the book by Kaffe with the lone star pattern in it that he did by machine???

Nedra said...

You know I love anything Kaffe. Can't wait to get his new book. And I love Sarah's new book too. I want to make everything in it! Thanks for all the inspriation kicks!

Crispy said...

Oooo great inspiration!! I wonder how many of these quilts we will be seeing on your blog? LOL


Anonymous said...

I love these two books, they are so inspirational ! You certainly will make some masterchieves out of them !

Sarah Fielke said...

Aww thanks Cathy, what a nice review :) xx

Donna~~ said...

Lucky you, having two great books to read (and dream) over! I love that green Mary Mashuta "Romantic Shawl"--such a great way to cut up that fabric. I'm going to have to watch for both of these books (as well as that Lark fabric!) You surely know how to tempt a girl. :)