Monday, September 26, 2011

The First Block...

...of the Bloggers Bom has started!!! Sherri of A Quilting Life was the first cab off the rank and has done up a great tutorial for her beautiful block. If you are joining in the fun, head over to find your instructions (here). I am still waiting for a little bit of fabric to arrive before I totally commit to a colour scheme and begin my first block. Hopefully soon.

Also I have spread my wings into the world of twitter! I had been resisting for a long time, but decided to give it a go. Don't really know what I'm doing over there but I have put a button on my sidebar to find me (I think!!).

By the way, these gorgeous photo's were taken by my 14 y.o. son, you can see that photography is already a passion for him!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Where do the Children Play?

To celebrate the birth of my nephew James last month, I am making a quilt for him (of course!!). Just a simple quilt, basic squares...

...with a few square in a square blocks randomly placed throughout. These blocks are simple to make, but must be trimmed down and made square because they can get a little out of shape as they are sewn.

My sometimes odd sense of humour enjoyed the fact that as I took these photographs, my ipod which was playing on random in the background was playing Cat Stevens 'Where do the Children Play' at the same time!!

These beautiful, reminiscent of yesteryear fabrics are from Sarah Jane and are called Children at Play. They are simply delightful. I have added a few other fabrics also.

I had better hurry along and get this quilted before my nephew gets too much older!!!

I have to show you the magnificent flowering cherry tree that greets my at my front door every day at the moment, I cannot get enough of these blossoms, they will only last about two weeks.

This was a shot I took the other evening, I love the night sky in this photo.

Oh, and have you seen the new Kaffe fabrics? Liza at Glorious Colour has already tempted me with some of these amazing Frilly fabrics, I just had to have some...

Isn't it glorious?
Have a lovely weekend. xo

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

For the Love of Applique

I guess you could say I am rather obsessed with creating quilts. But one aspect of quilting stands well on its own for me....needleturn applique. Yes, I have started yet another quilt (though with all the finishes that have gone on around here this year, perhaps I will be forgiven?!). This is my first block of the fabulous pattern Flower Garden from our Aussie talent Kim McLean....

These delicious fabrics are mainly those of the Japanese quilt maker and fabric designer Keiko Goke

Keiko's fabrics take me back to my childhood days, reminding me of crayon drawings and simple, colourful artworks. 

Most of these gorgeous fabrics I purchased from Superbuzzy and Glorious Colour. Liza at Glorious Colour has committed to send all the profits made from Keiko's fabrics this year over to Keiko to help her and her community of Sendai, who were devastated by the earthquake and tsunami earlier this year. I feel happy to know that my purchases will go towards helping this community in a small way. Thank you Liza!

Inspired by Keiko's amazing quilts, check out her gallery to see more (the site is in Japanese but the photo's are incredible!), I decided to do a strip background rather than a plain one, using mainly Keiko's fabrics...

with a few other fabrics thrown in (esp Timeless Treasures London Subway and Paris Roadmap as well as Lakehouse Annie's Seed Catalogue and Valorie Wells Dehli).... 

as well as some Kaffe shot cottons....

It is wonderful to be back to applique again, I had missed it so much. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Come along and Bloggers Bom with me!

I'm very excited to announce the start of the Free Bloggers Bom hosted by the wonderful Jackie over at Canton Village Quilt Works. Jackie has lined up 12 bloggers to design a block each, and do a tutorial on their blog on the 25th of each month for everyone to follow. I am fortunate to be amongst the list of 12 bloggers, my block will be shown in May next year, yay! 

Jackie sent us all these gorgeous Kaffe fabrics to design our blocks with.... 

...but you don't have to use these particular fabrics if you are going to follow along with this bom. As well as posting my block next May, I am going to follow along and make up all 12 blocks too, though I may do mine in solids, or florals, I'm undecided as yet! If you are going to join up with us, don't forget to show your blocks in our flickr group each month. Check out Jackies post here for the list of other bloggers who will be designing these blocks as well as any instructions and information you will need. Each month I will let you know whose blog to go to for your next bom block. And in twelve months time we will each have made a beautiful, scrappy quilt together!! 

On another note, I must share a sign I found at my local cafe yesterday...

my sentiments exactly!! xo

Monday, September 12, 2011


I do love this pink row, very bright though it is!

If you are visiting and would like to know more about this quilt, see here!

Two more rows to go until I start the squaring up round. The next row is squares in the sea blue colour, all tacked and ready to be stitched on...

My Kaffe blocks to send to Sarah for lovely Amy are done...

Have a wonderful week. xo

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Old New Stripe Quilt

is finished!

You may remember my mission was to take some old fabrics that had been in my stash unused for a long time (8 yrs +)...

...and to mix them with some newer fabrics in my stash.

I love the result.

Some of the brightness had to be tea dyed out of the whiter fabrics first (here) and I'm happy to say that the dye has stayed put after the first wash. 

Another shot with blossom in front, don't worry, the blossom around here will be finished soon and then there will be no more blossom shots!!!

For the backing I used a gorgeous flannel from Amy Butler...

The binding is also an Amy Butler called Wallflower.

It is quilted solely by hand using (of course) perle 8 thread, just stitching straight lines across the quilt spaced about 1 1/2 inches apart. I used coloured threads to match the colours of the fabrics.

The hand quilting along with the flannel back have made such a soft, snuggly quilt. My young friend who turns 18 on Tuesday is going to love it I'm sure! xo