Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bloggers are Wonderful People Too!

On the Saturday morning of our stitch day a week or so ago it was pouring with rain.  I did wonder if anyone would come, but we had a fabulous turn out!

 L-R: Melissa (Meli B is Making Things), Miriam (Yellow Roses), Me, Maree (On my Verandah), Chris (Chris the Quilter), Meredithe (Pomegranate and Chintz), Merran (Merran2011), Kathy in front (a lovely work colleague of mine).

Most of these girls drove over an hour in the pelting rain to get here (apart from Maree who flew down from Brisbane!), and I was so thrilled they did. We started off the day with show and tell, oh my goodness what talent, check these out...

Melissa - Meli B is Making Things

I love Melissa's crochet bag, might have to get my Mum-in-law to make me one of these (or learn how to crochet myself!)

Gorgeous circle cushion!

Melissa purchased these ugly kimono scraps (her words!!), and turned them into a stunning quilt. I wish I could show you the real thing, it was really amazing.

Chris - Chris the Quilter

Chris' hexagon quilt is incredible. Over 7000 1/2 inch hexagons all using Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably fabrics. A true labour of love.

Merran - Merran2011

Merrans quilts were works of art in themselves. I particularly loved her Giant Dahlia (above). These two patterns (above and below) were from Michelle Yeo.

Merran's quilt above and Meredithe's quilt below are both from the same quiltalong challenge that Meredithe is hosting on her blog. They started with an orphan block, then had to add triangles, the next border was squares, etc. What a great idea.

Meredithe - Pomegranate and Chintz

Meredithe made this quilt called Tilt in a class with Kaffe and Brandon when they visited Australia...

Don't you love this idea...Meredithe has taken a vintage doily and turned it into a quilt label!!

Kathy (a lovely work colleague) and Maree - On my Verandah

Kathy recently started to make quilts, and she is onto her third beautiful quilt already. I love the stars.

Miriam Yellow Roses blog...

Miriam is prolific with the needle!! Her hand work is exquisite. This bird quilt below didn't really show up very well in my photo, but the detail on this is amazing.

And as for this one, wow, all done by hand!!

We did get to the morning tea (at lunch time!!) and some stitching, though I think more talking and eating than stitching was done.

I often count my blessings when I think about having a blog and the amount of fabulous people I meet out there in blogland, but I'm even more blessed when I can meet these wonderful people face to face. It was a great day and I will definitely be having another stitch day at my house in the future. xo

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Just letting you know...

...no, I haven't forgotten to write about the awesome stitch day we had last Saturday, I just haven't had time this week! And tomorrow I'm off on a stitching retreat with Amitie so I will be back next week with heaps of photo's!!! Thinking of you all. xo

Photo taken at Morningstar Estate, Mornington

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bloggers Bom Blocks

Well it's only about 9 more sleeps until the next bloggers bom block is revealed (it will be gorgeous Stephanie from Loft Creations turn for November) and I'm finally getting up pics of my first two blocks. Well, four actually! Sherri from A Quilting Life kicked off the first lovely block, and to be honest, while I knew I was going to use Keiko Goke fabrics, I couldn't decide if I liked the lighter one better...

or the darker one.

In the end I've decided to put two of every block into the quilt. Next came Vicki's (Field Trips in Fiber) gorgeous block, here is the lighter one...

and the darker one (phew, pretty bright!!)..

What a fabulous block of the month to take part in. I'm loving these blocks already and can't wait to see the next one. All thanks to Jackie (Canton Village Quilt Works) for putting together such a fun bom.

And while I'm counting sleeps...only 3 sleeps til the Stitch Day at my house with Maree and all of you who have decided to join in the fun (you know who you are!!). See you at 10:30 on Sat.

Millie will be looking forward to meeting you all too. Here she is beautifully guarding my star quilt...

...right before she walked all over it!!! xo

Friday, November 11, 2011

Kim Keiko Flower Garden

My Kim McLean Flower Garden blocks are slowly growing. In fact my first panel has been sitting all sewn up on my design wall for weeks, I just keep forgetting to show it here!!!

It was rather difficult to photograph this long panel (it's almost 66 inches x 10 1/5), in the end I pinned it onto my grey timber fence sideways to try and get the whole panel in the photo.

The blocks for the second panel are done too...just need to be trimmed down and sewn together.

Kim's applique blocks are simply wonderful. Like I've said in the past, if you love applique, you will adore her designs with all their beautiful curves and stems and circles.

I am so in love with Keiko Goke's marvellous fabrics. They make my heart sing with their bright and cheery colours and patterns. Making the strippy backgrounds is a lot of work (not all of those stripes are Keiko fabrics), but I am very happy with the effect, it is going to be a hit you in the eye kind of quilt!!

Have you ever made something from Keiko's fabrics? I know Lurline has sewn a few with other fabrics into gorgeous blocks, and I spied some over at Danielle's place too, what a gorgeous stash!!

My Keiko bloggers bom blocks are also sewn up, now I just need to get around to taking pics of those!! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Art of Bag Making

Have you ever made a bag? I have made quite a few over the years, and thought I was pretty good at it, so when Andi mentioned a bag making class with Nicole Mallalieu I thought it would make for a nice day. What I didn't expect was how much knowledge, little hints & tricks and extra skill I would come away with from such a wonderful teacher.

Nicole Malallieu and Patchandi

What a fabulous day, spent with other lovely bag making enthusiasts at Nicole's amazing studio in Melbourne.

Sue and Margaret working on their beautiful bags

Nicki was so patient, calm, funny and very encouraging as we spent hours turning our choice of fabrics into wonderful bags.

Helen with her gorgeous finished bag
you can see some of Andi's lovely bag too (both using echino fabrics).

Other Helen with her lovely bag, I love the cane look handles.

This stunning Venetian home dec fabric caught my eye on ebay ages ago, and I have been wanting to turn it into a bag ever since.

Now I have!!

And the back...

All lined and even a clasp and a zipper pocket....!

Check out the gorgeous bag hardware, I love those o rings especially.

Thanks Nicki, your expertise is invaluable, I will have to sign up for a purse making class next!! xo

Thursday, November 3, 2011


...I'm still here, but with my shoulder flaring up again I have once again been avoiding the computer as much as possible.

Email answering does get done even if it takes a long while. I adore reading all comments but am not answering to try and save my shoulder. I guess it is something I will have to live with it's been about two years now and I know many of you have experienced this too.

In other Cabbage household news, we recently welcomed Millie into our family.

We adopted her from a family whose circumstances had changed and could no longer have her. She flew down to us from Cairns and has quickly made her way into our hearts (and onto the lounge in front of the telly!!!)

Millie is a Groodle which means she is a poodle crossed with a golden retriever (I think they are called Golden Doodles in the US?). The best thing is that she doesn't shed hair all over the place. To me she looks like a big teddy bear. She is about 19 mths old and has such a happy, friendly personality and loves lying around in strange positions!!

Millie lounging around with our eldest son....

DS has started his VCE exams today and I wish him, and all the year 12 students the best of luck with their exams. He recently had his valedictory night, very handsome!!

It was a wonderful night, a time to look back on all they have achieved through their high school years, to have a meal together and of course watch the teachers do a funny dance (fabulous!). It is great to be able to celebrate the finishing of their school years with them in this way.

Today I am working on my Bloggers Bom blocks, I hope to be able to show them soon but I can say they will be bright, I'm using some of my gorgeous Keiko Goke fabrics!