Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hugs in the Garden

We have had my in-laws visiting from Brisbane. It is always wonderful to have family visit, partly because it gives us another reason to explore the beautiful place we live here on the Mornington Peninsula. This time we met a friend, Kathy, at Heronswood, a beautiful old home (1855) and gorgeous gardens full of fruits, vegetables and flowers. It was also a lovely spot to take a couple of pics of my hugs quilt top...

Yellow is my favourite colour of the month, I love the vivid yellow of this flower...

Ooh and I have never seen a lotus seed pod before, these are amazing and full of seeds.

The Echinacea flowers were stunning, I love that pinky brown colour.

The hugs quilt looked good on the stone steps leading up to the house (click on the pic to see more detail).

A lovely day in the garden. xo

Thursday, February 9, 2012

All About Colour

Every Thursday the wonderful Victoria (Bumble Beans) has been hosting interviews all about colour. This week it's my turn. I just checked it out and I cannot believe my stash was ever that tidy (see it here)! If you scroll down below this logo on the right hand side of Victoria's blog, you can visit all the interviews so far, and see who is coming over the next few Thursdays.

It has been fascinating to see what influences us all in our colour choices. Do you have a favourite colour combo? xo

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Prior to Christmas I talked about the fabulous new craft destination here on the Mornington Peninsula...Treehouse Textiles. This Saturday Treehouse Textiles will be opening its doors for the first time and I am very excited, especially as I will be teaching here in March.

Emma and Sarah have transformed what was a successful Bed & Breakfast locality and recreated it into an inspiring, welcoming Crafting Space. As I wandered around when I visited the other day, I couldn't help being touched by all the beautiful little details the girls have added to make the place so special. 

Ooh I love that bobbin tree, might have to make my own, perhaps with little twigs in a vase! And check out that gorgeous yarn below, not to mention the view out the window!!

 If you click on any of these pictures you will see more detail.

Coloured knitting needles and paint chips, gorgeous!

Divine fabric with more on its way...

As for the class/sewing room, talk about a room with a view!!! Ducks, Cape Barren Geese and Kangaroos are some of the wildlife that visit this stunning lake and bushland surrounds. Crafting here will be a lavish experience.

I will be teaching the Japanese x and + block....

as well as my variation of the block, the o and + block...

...or, the hugs and kisses blocks!!! My hugs quilt top is almost completed, I can't wait to show it, I'm addicted to making these blocks. Find more information about Treehouse Textiles or sign up for their newsletter here. Or check out here to sign up for a day with me and these hugs and kisses blocks!

On the subject of beautiful things, have you seen some of Philip Jacobs soon to be released fabrics? I HAVE to have some of this one...

Well with a name cabbage quilts, what did you expect?!!! The one below is mouthwatering too, I adore that brilliant orange background and lush flowers. I know for sure that Jackie will be selling them soon, and so will Liza. xo