Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Gorgeous Day & Sales!

One of the things I have most enjoyed about writing a blog, has been to meet up with other bloggers!! Today my non blog friend Deb and I travelled about an hour up to Amitie in Gardenvale to visit Jenny and her wonderful shop. We also met up with Merran (flickr), Melissa (Meli B is Making Things) and Miriam (Yellow Rose Quilts). Two hours flew as we caught up, chatted and laughed over the beautiful fabrics that Jenny's shop is so well known for. We didn't leave empty handed either but I will show that stash another time! I forgot to bring out my camera until after Merran left, but here we all are...

L to R...Melissa, Jenny (in back), Miriam, Deb, Me (2 photo's taken, both have me with eyes shut, I'm good at ruining a photo!!).

Afterwards, Miriam, Melissa, Deb and I popped into Patchwork on Central and picked up a couple more bits and pieces, then headed into Our Kitchen Table for lunch. This gorgeous cafe had a lovely homely feel about it with beautiful touches around the place like these stunning cabbage flowers...

...a lovely bowl of quinces (I think Miriam took a photo of them) and this amazing light shade, made out of fine bone china cups!

We were really taken with it (pics taken with Kev's permission, thanks Kev).

The whole place had such a welcoming feel, lovely food (I had the most delicious passionfruit cupcake) and great coffee, I will definitely be going back there next time I am up that way.

Thanks girls for a fabulous day! 

Another wonderful blogger who I haven't met in person yet, but will one day I'm Jackie from Canton Village Quilts Works. Did you know it was her birthday today? And to celebrate she is having a 23% sale in her shop, just for today. Pop over here to wish her a happy birthday, and here to check out her sale. 
Happy Birthday Jackie! xo

There are a couple of sales going on around here too...

...Jenny at Amitie is having a huge sale starting on the 26th - 30th June. Most fabrics down to $16mtr (not libertys and linens), books, patterns, etc, all on sale.

...Emma and Sarah at Treehouse Textiles are having an open day tomorrow (24th June) from 10am-4pm. All fabrics 10% off and some fabrics down to $10/mtr. Pop in for coffee and a chat, you never know who you might see there! xo

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I've long admired the improvised or liberated quilts and have always wanted to give them a go. I guess my first try was on my wonky star quilt, but I still felt that it was pretty structured overall.

This time I cut a two different size strips from 10 fabrics only using my rotary cutter (strips were roughly 1 1/2 and 5 inches). But the next part was the real challenge to take these strips to my sewing machine and using scissors only, to create a small improv piece.

Ok, so I wouldn't say it was a huge success, it took me a while to realise I was chopping off most of the triangle tops, but WOW, I had so much fun making a small piece in this way. So much fun I decided to make a second one. They are both 18 x 15 inches.

Sitting at my machine, chopping bits of fabric off my strips with scissors to turn them into triangles, log cabins, flying geese, square in a square, etc, was such a freeing experience. I also had my mini iron sitting next to me to keep all my seams nice and flat as I sewed each new piece.

These two pieces are going to be made into a bag. I have pinned each piece to a piece of cotton wadding and used organic straight line quilting to give a beautiful textural feel.

I'm hoping that with practise I may even be able to create something that looks good, but for now, I will definitely be trying this again. Have you tried improv or liberated quilting? Did you enjoy it? (If you have made one and blogged/flickrd it, put a link to it in a comment, I would love to see it)! xo

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Show & Tell & Bits & Pieces!

Firstly I want to thank everyone who commented on my sad star quilt last post. I apologise I only got about half answered, but I have read and loved every single one. Again I am reminded how wonderful and generous people in blogland are. But more about this quilt and comments when I have some pics to show.

You know that I've been teaching the hugs and kisses quilt (japanese x and +) at Treehouse Textiles, and then we had a how to assemble your quilt top and finish your quilt day. One of the gorgeous girls that came to both classes was Diana. A week or so ago she sent me some photo's of her beautiful, finished quilt....

Isn't it a beauty? Diana has quilted it using both machine quilting and hand quilting with perle 8 threads. I adore the colours she has used, and they look fabulous in this photo where the colours have been saturated...

Diana's son is the recipient of this quilt and I think the huge smile on his face says it all!

Diana is off on her second quilt and I cannot wait to see what she creates. One of the wonderful things about teaching at Treehouse has been meeting lovely people and making new friendships. I have another assemble your quilt class this Saturday at Treehouse and I'm really looking forward to that!

I've been busy here but nothing much to show at the moment. Working on a couple of quilts for magazines so hope to bring some sneak peeks soon. Also received Kathy's gorgeous book
Making Quilts... the Promise of Joy in the mail a few weeks ago so will do a book review soon too.

Also, have you seen the lovely Lynne from Lily's Quilts post on how do I grow my blog? Particularly for newer bloggers, a great read and Lynne included my blog in there too (thank you Lynne, blush!).

Also (I did tell you it was a bits & pieces post!!) planning on a trip up to Amitie on Saturday 23rd June around 10ish if anyone is around and wants to meet up, will do coffee after a fabric shop! Send me an email if interested.

Coffee photo from my gorgeous sister, she makes the most amazing coffee!

So what bits & pieces are you up to this week? xo

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Unpicking AGAIN!

My hand paper pieced Star Quilt is done....and I HATE it!

The corners I have chosen make the whole quilt look like a fabric vomit (to pinch a great phrase from Katy!), though while Katy's scrap vomit quilt looks incredibly beautiful, my star quilt really does look like something found in the bucket after a big night out! The whole design of the quilt has become lost and washed out. I give it a big F for fail!

Yet again my trusty and always on hand friend Quick Unpick (aka seam ripper) is at it again, and my completed four corners are now a sad sight...

...leaving an even sadder sight, four unfinished corners.

This is not the first time I have unpicked bits of this quilt...I unpicked a whole row back here.

So it's back to the drawing board for this little darling. No, I will not give up (yet), I will not relegate this unfinished mess to the back of the cupboard, I am going to take a deep breath, rearrange my thoughts, and make four new and different corners. I may improve it, I may make it worse. We will see.

I hope your stitchy week has gone better than mine? xo