Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week in Pictures #1

While creating is happening around here, sometimes there is not much I can show. I've decided that most Sundays I will show a few of the instagram photo's I have taken during the week. We will see how it goes.

First up is the pic of the most beautifully coloured zippers and little zip accessories I purchased from the wonderful Etsy shop Zipit. I love a rainbow and a rainbow of zippers is no exception!!!

I was given some honeycomb from Em's (Treehouse Textiles) Dad Leo. I find honeycomb to be such a fascination (and the bees who made it of course!!). How insects can work together to make such wonderful and practical structures is amazing. And it looks like a patchwork pattern!

Check out these amazing (and incredibly tasty) cupcakes, they are a work of art in themselves!

Any Doctor Who lover's out there? We love the current Doctor (Matt Smith) because he reminds us of our eldest son Josh! Complete with bowtie, though I am still trying to find where he is parking the tardis.

Lastly is a photo I took when down on the beach with friends last night. I adore living on the Mornington Peninsula, the scenery is always beautiful, no matter what the weather is doing. The sunset last night was a stunnner, throwing wonderful colours onto the orange/red cliff face. Can you spy the moon?

I hope you have a wonderful week. It can be fun to see some of your life in pictures! xo

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Liberty Love and Amitie

Wowee what a week! Amongst all sorts of 'goings on' with various friends (birthdays, funerals etc), I also had the wonderful privilege to speak to an amazing and very welcoming bunch of women at the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild last Saturday. I had a wonderful time meeting new friends and putting faces to virtual facebook and instagram names as well as showing and talking about a few of my quilts. Alas it was such a busy time I didn't even take photo's! On Tuesday I joined Emma (Treehouse Textiles) at the Westernport Quilters Guild where Emma shared all the exciting goings on at Treehouse Textiles, and we showed a few more of my quilts. Phew!

 Blurry instagram photo!

Yesterday when I got home from work, I was thrilled to find another little Liberty parcel, from the Amitie Liberty stash club!

This has been a fabulous way to increase my stash of Liberty prints, though if I'm honest, I probably don't need many more!

And now for the best news from Amitie....if you want to increase your stash of Liberty of London fabrics NOW IS THE TIME!! Amitie are having probably the best Liberty giveaway I have ever seen, and all you have to do is join their mailing list!!

The gorgeous girls from Amitie are giving away four bundles of 37 different Liberty fabrics, each bundle making up over 2mtrs of luscious liberty!! Check out Jen's blog here for more deets!

So why are you still here? Fly on over to Amitie to join their mailing list and be in with a chance to win some divine Liberty for yourself. You have until the 15th March!! xo

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another Published Quilt

My renamed quilt Lollipop Shoppe was released in this months Homespun magazine, yay!!

Issue no 117, vol 14 no 2

I had initially designed and created this quilt in 2011 here, and because I don't have my quilt back from the magazine yet, I will show a few photo's from that quilt...

Only a small quilt (38.5 inch square) it's a quick one to make up and the circles are attached using fusible webbing and free motion quilting (click on photo to see more detail).

It has been a wonderful experience to have a couple of quilts in magazines (the first one was here) one I hope to do again sometime!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bloggers Block and a Gorgeous Pressie!

I have sat down to try and write a blog post for days! What is wrong with me, I cannot think of anything to say, yikes!! I haven't been feeling well with a very sore throat, but really, that shouldn't affect my typing fingers! Anyway, tonight I've decided just to sit down and make a start, so here I am.

One wonderful thing that happened to me recently was a most beautiful gift from Judy Newman (a very fine house) who made this absolutely stunning pincushion for me, I adore it!! I have a thing going for mushrooms and fungi right now, so her gift is perfect. It is almost too good to start stabbing with pins, I think I will enjoy it pinless for a while!!

Judy made my pincushion based on a new pattern by Louise (Lululollylegs). The good news is that Louise is coming to Treehouse Textiles to spend a day showing us how to make one, yay.

These pincushions are large, around 6-7 inches across and about 3 inches high. There are 8 different applique designs to choose from, or you can design your own! Book here for the class on Saturday 23rd March.

So what else has been happening? Our crazy Melbourne summer weather...36 degrees (centigrade) one day, 13 degrees the next has been sending Millie (our Groodle) a little crazy! She does enjoy a good snuggle under any quilt she can find on a cold summer's day!!

A new coffee shop has opened up near us, Commonfolk Coffee is an amazing space set in an industrial shed. It's a large area with beautiful hand crafted timber tables, a quiet room in front, 3 fabulous artist spaces where you can watch the artist at work, and their own coffee roaster! This is going to be a place DH and I will hang out a lot!

And check out the beautiful home grown roses Deb (72 Derwents) bought round last weekend, I only wish you could smell them, they are amazing! Deb said they are called Child's Rose (I think I got that right!!).

Well, that's about it, I have no quilty photo's and not much else to say, I hope I get my blogging mojo back soon, I am still stitching, but haven't gotten around to taking photo's, ooops! Thank you for your patience. xo