Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Repurposed with Love

I feel as though I need to say "Hi, my name is Cathy, lovely to meet you"! I have been rather absent around blogland lately and I do apologise. I don't even have any stitching to show because I'm working on something wonderful that I can't show quite yet!!! However, I have had some beautiful colour come into my life the form of furniture.

For a long time I have bemoaned the fact that our house was designed with very poor storage areas. It has been rather difficult to keep on top of the clutter! Recently I discovered a gorgeous couple selling on ebay with their small home business called Not Too Shabby Retro. They are finding old furniture and giving it a totally new look with fabulous colours! Absolutely perfect for someone like me who adores colour and was looking for storage solutions. I totally love this amazing green sideboard... is sitting in my dining room and is now housing quilts for sale (coming soon!!) and quilt stuff (rulers, cutters, pins, etc). I didn't think my blue/white jugs would go with the green, but I think they look fabulous together. This next bright yellow one is on the other side of the dining room, underneath our kitchen bench and stores lots of kitchen gear, such a happy colour...

The third one is this huge, solid wonderful piece painted a lovely distressed white. It is sitting in our lounge room and houses all DH's fire making stuff and of course, some of those drawers house quilting stuff!!...

Keep an eye on that tapestry above the sideboard...there is going to be some changes to that soon!

The fourth one is in our bedroom, I love these colours which you can see as you walk down our hall way, they make me so happy...

Ahh, now I have no clutter, lots of clean horizontal spaces, and so much beautiful colour! I love the fact that these guys have taken old pieces of furniture and given it such a fabulous new life. I just wish the sideboards could talk and tell me of their past lives!!! Thanks Not Too Shabby Retro...I love your work!

Oh, and thank you to everyone who wished me well for my Free Motion Quilting class at Treehouse Textiles last Sunday. I had four wonderful students who did such an amazing job. I love seeing the satisfaction we all get when we learn and grow in a skill. I forgot to take an action shot so I've pinched a photo Emma took (thanks Em)...

Of course I did remember to take a photo of lunch....Yummm!

If you missed my FMQ class and want a chance to come along, I am running another one at the Treehouse on the 31st May.

I will finish with a photo I took of beautiful 'God's Eye's' or 'Ojo de Dios' that were part of the decorations that were hanging at a fun wedding I went to last week.

More gorgeous colour! xo

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Do You FMQ?

This Sunday (24th March) I'm going to be teaching FMQ at Treehouse Textiles, I can't wait! I first taught myself how to FMQ on my domestic sewing machine years ago because I was too stingy to pay for someone else to do it. I wanted to use that money for more fabric!! Since then I have quilted many quilts (including custom quilts) and love to find new designs to challenge myself with.

If you live locally and would love to give FMQ a go, there are still a few places free, book here. I will take you through various stages, from how to get your quilt sandwich smooth and flat, to having a go at many different FMQ designs on your own sewing machine.

There is so much FMQ inspiration all over the internet. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful resources at our fingertips. How about you? Do you FMQ?

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Wonderful Surprise

What an amazing surprise turned up at my door last week. Keiko Goke (amazing Japanese quilt creator, fabric designer and author) sent me a large pile of her divine, incredibly bright and sassy fabrics, all the way from Japan!

Not only that Keiko generously included her book...'All My Thanks and Love to Quilts'...written in English!

I didn't even know it came in English, but it does now, as well as French, Taiwanese and Chinese. I have often pored over Keiko's beautiful designs and now I can read her instructions yay.

You can purchase the English version here. And be inspired by Keiko's creations on her colourful blog here. In the recent past I have used Keiko's fabrics in this quilt...

Quilt based on Kim McLean's Flower Garden quilt 
using mainly Keiko Goke fabrics.

And was inspired by Keiko's stunning Heart Quilt on the cover of her book to make my own miniature version in sea glass colours for my sister....

What am I going to do with these amazing fabrics? I have a plan, you will have to wait and see!!! Check out the gorgeous rainbow outside my window this morning.

We have had the hottest summer I can remember and finally the weather has broken and we are cool again with some lovely rain. Ahh, what a relief!! xo

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Finish and a Sending Off!

Still trying to fulfill my need to finish up a few quilts around here before starting anything new, I have finally finished this quilt that I began last year....

Using only seven, yellow, green, aqua, navy, grey and brown, it's a slight variation on the Japanese x and + block...

This photo was a mistake, but I love how the sun and it's rays got captured shining onto the quilt!

I do love the front of this quilt, but I actually think I like the back of it even better!!

My main aim with the back was to use up a few orphan blocks I hadn't used on the front, as well as stretch out some of the beautiful bird fabric that I only just had enough of.

I had extra motivation to get this one completed. Back in January Chookyblue put out a call to help care for those who had lost homes from the fires that went through the Warrumbungles Shire with quilts. Great idea I thought, surely I've got a half finished quilt I could finish off fast? Well, it has taken me a little longer than I hoped but this one was sent off today, yay! If you have a completed quilt you would like to donate, Chookyblue is accepting them up until Easter, end of this month! It seems they have enough quilts for children, so some 'grown up' quilts would be great!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stash Builders

I love getting parcels in the post from Amitie. This months parcel from Stash Club is no exception....

Mmm I may need another trip up there soon, I do have some favourites here...

Have you seen Jen Kingwell's glimpse of her new BOM yet? Check it out here. I'm still beavering away on my Green Tea and Sweet Beans bom...

This quilt is addictive!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week in Pictures #2

Is anyone else feeling that the weeks don't have quite as many days in them as they used to? Or are our days being run with less hours? Another week has flown by so fast. I only have a few photo's to show a little of mine...

Some rather beautiful (and slightly picasa'd!) succulents that welcome me home each day in our front garden. They are such happy plants!

A lovely day spent with Emma and Sarah at Treehouse Textiles last week. Check out their new Day in the Country fabrics. Delicious! The girls are having an open day at the Treehouse this Saturday (9th March) from 9:30am until 4pm if you would love to see these beautiful fabrics for yourself!

Gorgeous little red and white polka dot pencil case given to me by a very special friend from interstate who stayed with us this week. Isn't it divine?

A little work being done on my Green Tea and Sweet Beans blocks. I bought these blocks as a bom about 4 years ago, it is so lovely to be finally making them up. They are so addictive!!! If you want to find the pattern, it's by Jen Kingwell at Amitie, here. The blocks above are called propellers. I guess you can see why!!! The block below is Berry Basket. I adore that texty background.

And yet another photo of Millie! Just hanging out while we caught up with our visitor.

What has been happening in your world this week? xo