Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Treehouse Textiles & Amitie & Stuff!

All sorts of stuff! happening here, a few things I can't show yet, but I do have a quilt pattern being released in another magazine soon, yay! I can however, announce that Emma and I have been very busily cutting our BOM fabrics for the first month of our new Citrus Sweet Love quilt.

We are pleased to say we have cut enough for an extra 6 spaces so if you are interested in taking part in our BOM program, send Emma an email at We have been thrilled and humbled to the reaction to our first BOM quilt. Thank you to all who have expressed interest and sent beautiful comments. We really appreciate it.

Also coming up at the Treehouse Textiles in the next week or so is a VIP visit from Amitie's gorgeous Jen Kingwell. It's not too late to book in for a class with Jen where she will be teaching an applique and template workshop based on her wonderful quilt pattern Green Tea and Sweet Beans.

applique block from Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt

Only three places remaining for Jen's class on Saturday 6th July, check out here if you would like to book. Also now is the time to pop over and buy some of Jen's patterns, they are on sale until Friday 28th!

I'm also working on a very late birthday present for my Mum who I will be seeing in a few days. This will become a bag very soon! (only 18 months late, eek!).

So that is about all the stuff I can share for now. I have been thoroughly enjoying our sunny winter days of late, it's been so nice to see the sun a lot of this winter, though I'm sure we will need more rain soon too!

Have a gorgeous rest of the week!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Amitie BOM

Putting it simply, I simply adore Jen Kingwell's (Amitie) talent for quilt and pattern making.

Jen's new Block of the Month quilt 'Bring Me Flowers' is yet another fine example of her gift for combining sometimes wacky but always wonderful fabrics to create delightful quilt blocks, sent out and received each month with great anticipation on my part!!!

Month two has arrived and is in progress! Such gorgeous fabrics including Liberty's, yum.

And in case you are wondering, I am still slowly working on Jen's Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt. Another classic pattern that can now be purchased as a pattern from Amitie here. Laying them all out like this makes me realise I have actually completed quite a few blocks now. These are being stitched using the hand piecing method and needle turn applique, as are the above 'Bring Me Flowers' blocks.

I'm not in a rush to get these done, I love having some hand work to pick up and put down whenever the mood takes me, so keeping them on hangers will mean they won't get deep creases in them from months of being folded.

Well, the sun is finally shining, so I'm going to go and soak up a few winter rays! Have a gorgeous weekend everyone. xo

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Patience, Perseverance, Persistence!

Perhaps, just perhaps, I may have learnt a little of the meaning of these three attributes by the time I have finished my current quilting project! Remember this quilt?....

My Kim/Keiko Flower Garden Quilt (pattern based on Kim McLean's Flower Garden, most of the fabrics are Keiko Goke fabrics). It took around 18 months to make the top (strip pieced backgrounds, needleturned applique flowers). I have now embarked on hand quilting it...with A LOT of little Kantha style stitches all over the entire quilt!

Using a crease marker, I am marking up a few inches at a time, at 1/4 inch intervals, then sitting under a good light at night and hand stitching away until my heart is content!!

Of course I am using Perle 8 threads to do it (I do just adore them)...6 subtle colours and usually done with around 3-7 rows of each colour. I have found it stitches well using a size 8 embroidery needle.

This is going to take me a little while, I'm finding I can get one flower panel done in around 3-4 nights of about 2 1/2 hours of stitching each night. But I must say, it is better than therapy, I find it ever so relaxing and enjoyable, so I don't think I will mind the time it takes!