Monday, November 25, 2013

A Flannel Finish

It's so nice to finally have a finished quilt to show! My 25 patch quilt was begun back in 2011, and finally finished off to give to our sons gorgeous girlfriend to celebrate her 21st Birthday!

Made out of an Anna Maria Horner range called Folksy Flannels the flannel fabrics are deliciously soft and snuggly.

The back of the quilt is also from the Folksy Flannel range, as is the binding.

I kept the quilting simple on this one, just stitched in all the ditches!! You can see the quilting lines a little better from the back.

I just adore the colours they are so bright and cheery. It will be a lovely quilt for her to snuggle under on a cold winter's night.

I do so love a quilt made out of flannels. xo

Monday, November 11, 2013

Four Months Later...

Health Update. For those who read my blog post here, you will know that 17 weeks ago I made the big decision to change my life around. I have known for a very long time that I was heading towards a medical disaster if I continued along the path I had been travelling along. Essentially, I have long been addicted to food.

So under the guidance of a fabulous online course (Jason Shon Bennett), I have been learning how to view food, make food, and eat food differently.

Is it helping? I can definitely say a big 'OH YES'! This is a before photo of me...

And one taken yesterday, week 17 and I have lost 17 kilos...

From 124.4kgs to 107.4

Yes, I am starting to see some differences.

Is it time consuming? Initially it was very time consuming as I threw myself into learning all I could about eating without consuming processed foods, sugars, meats, dairy products and gluten. Learning to make my food from scratch does take some thought and planning. Now, I am finding it is becoming second nature, preparing colourful meals is also very pleasing visually as well as tasting amazing!

Is it easy? Not always. Some people I come across think I am crazy. Some times I 'fall of the wagon' and revert back to my old nature (not for long anymore thankfully). Some days I struggle and other days I breeze through it.

Is it worth it? YES! What I love is the incredible way I feel, the amazing energy I have found, how much better my sleep is, my blood sugar levels are getting better, my skin is better. This is a lifestyle now for me.

What has become easier, is the hold those cakes and chocolates, chips, cookies and confectionary had over me for so long is mostly gone. My cravings have reduced from attacking me all day every day, to now hitting me about once a week or so. I think the more I live this lifestyle, the less and less I will experience any cravings at all. Now that is good news!

I did promise to share the Chocolate Avocado Mousse recipe, however I have not had time to retest it yet. So I will add a link to this incredible dip that I found on Fork and Beans blog recently. I whipped this up for a dinner party of non-vegan friends and served it with organic corn was devoured. So delicious. It's called raw vegan 'Goat' cheese dip and you can see the recipe here. My only change was to use macadamia nuts as the 'cheese' instead of cashews.

On a totally different topic, while we (hubby and I) were out walking yesterday, we came across this gorgeous building (Felix at Dromana, Mornington Peninsula). I simply adore how they make their cafe/antique/gift shop stand out with all this eye-catching colour!

Isn't it fabulous?!