Friday, February 7, 2014

Playing with Pixels!

My gorgeous friend Andi (PatchAndi) and her hubby have been thrilled to announce the opening of their wonderful new website lately called YouPatch, have you seen it? 

I do love a good pixel quilt, but could never be bothered to work out the maths behind making one for myself. Andi's new program does all the work for you! Of course, I had to go and have a play. 

Essentially, you choose the image you want to turn into a pixel quilt (Andi gives some great ideas as to what images work best), upload your image, and Andi's program pixelates it. But it doesn't stop there. You can then choose how many colours you want in your quilt (up to 15), how detailed you want it (the more detail the more pixels) and you can even recolour the pixels and change their position for yourself. You can imagine I spent a few hours playing the other day. I chose a sweet image of a daisy, here it is pixelated and ready for me to make it into a quilt....

Isn't it beautiful? Once you purchase the pattern (at a fabulous price) you get a wonderfully detailed pattern, breaking down the quilt into easily manageable blocks, great cutting instructions and even the names of the Kona cottons required to make the quilt. 

When I've made this one, I might be tempted to do an even more detailed one, I've always loved this photo of my son, looking rather like Doctor Who (the Matt Smith version)!

Andi herself has made a beautiful pixelated Marilyn Monroe...

Image from PatchAndi

Loving those colours Andi!!! You can see more of Marilyn here. So pop on over to You Patch and have a play for yourself. There is also a 20% discount on any patterns purchased for the next three days. I'm going to see what else I can pixelate up!!


Andi said...

Thanks so much Cathy!! Your daisy is so gorgeous and I think that pic of your personal 'Doctor' would be awesome too!!
Andi xxx

Don Hann said...

looks great but maybe a little hard on the eyes? I guess for those who drink it maybe OK.

Nedra said...

Very cool concept. One I would like to try sometime, so thanks for the info!

pandchintz said...

Have fun!!