Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Quilty Finish!

I guess this Single Girl was never going to take long to finish, considering she is only little.

She was made to hang on my wall above a long lounge, which is why she is long and skinny!

Now that she is done, the mismatched red polka dots don't bother me at all.

The straight line quilting was really addictive, fun to do! stands out well on the back (hanging sleeve stitched on all ready to go!)...

The backing fabric is the gorgeous Michael Miller Eiffel Tower.

A happy fabric binding...

I am very pleased with this little quilt and it was great to quilt along with so many others over at the
flickr support group.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Denyse & Heather

Some rather pretty fabrics have been sitting on my shelf for a while.

A fat quarter bundle of Denyse Schmidts Hope Valley...

 And a fat quarter bundle of Heather Ross' Far Far Away II...

A little while ago I was looking at these two bundles wondering what I would do with them, when it struck me how beautiful they looked together.

I'm not sure how the Hope Valley cotton will sew up with the heavier weight Far Far Away linen base, but I'm going to give it a go, I will let you know.

Yummy! xo

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Sick of this one yet?

 I have to say this round is my favourite so far, that blue is simply gorgeous!

Four more rounds to go til I start squaring up this circular quilt. Green again next.

For anyone visiting my blog and not a regular reader, you can see how this quilt is done here.

Have a wonderful Easter. xo

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quilt Sandwich Process

My Single Girl quilt top, laid out on my table, clamped, waiting to be...


...then pinned, ready to quilt...

Clamping the layers taut onto the table, then ironing the quilt sandwich from the middle to the outer edges helps make it so flat and smooth. No puckers on the back...

Of course if the quilt top had quilt marking lines on it, the iron would make them unwashoutable, which would not be good!!

My sewing machines' walking foot has never been able to sew straight quilting lines without puckering up the fabric, no matter what I do. So I use masking tape to give me guidelines...

 ...and do freemotion quilt lines with my darning foot.

A little wobbly, but very addictive!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Weekend of Achievement

Yesterday and today I have been playing with colour! Playing with fabric! Oh the fun you can have in your own sewing room!! Old fabrics are being pulled out of drawers where they have been lurking for years, newer fabrics are being sorted back into their colour piles. I have a long way to go, but I'm getting organised.

It struck me last night that we have UFO's and WIP's for quilts in progress, but what do we have for old fabrics that haven't even made it to the quilt stage yet? OFYTBU's perhaps? (Old Fabrics Yet To Be Used). OFN's? (Old Fabrics Neglected?). I don't know, I'm not very good with names. I have decided though, that I am going to take some of my years old fabrics (I'm talking between 5-15 years and not a Kaffe or Amy Butler in sight!) and make them into a somewhat modern quilt. Will that work? Perhaps add some red spots or black and white toile to spice up a duller colour scheme. Or just use a more modern looking pattern like, say, a stripe quilt, with some lovely straightline quilting? Then I can call these fabrics OFMM's! (Old Fabrics Made Modern). Ok, I give up on the names, but over the next few months I hope to show some older, loved fabrics turned into something new.

And because I have been rolling in, err, sorting out fabrics, rather than creating anything, I will show an older quilt that I made about 5 years ago. This is an Aardvark quilt pattern called Harlequin that I purchased from Lisa Prior Lucy's shop Glorious Colour in kit form.

I just love it. To quilt it I did the large diamonds with a freemotion clamshell, the smaller diamonds with a stipple, and the 4 patch diamonds with a freemotion diamond shape.

The back was a bit of hodgepodge, whatever I had in the stash that fitted! All gorgeous Kaffe fabrics of course!

Pretty isn't it? Have a fabulous Weekend. xo

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Handquilting & Fabric Stash

The handquilting on my Little Folks Snowball quilt is coming along bit by bit.

All the vertical and horizontal quilting is finished, now I am quilting it across the diagonal.

The hera marker tool has made it very quick to mark the stitch lines. It leaves a crease in the quilt making it very easy to stitch along the crease, no pen or chalk marking needed!

I am using Perle 8 threads most of which I purchased from Amitie. I'm sure I need another visit up there in the school holidays for a restock!!!

Recently I came home from a very busy day at work to find a gorgeous parcel sitting on my doorstep. The lovely Jackie from Canton Village Quilt Works had sent me this divine package of colour...

These are delightful Terrie Mangat fabrics. I love them all but I think my absolute favourite is that purple with the red dot.

I have been very good this year on my fabric diet, though I have broken it a little lately to purchase some gorgeous Liberty of London fabrics. Hope to show them soon. Have a lovely Sunday. xo

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Round Again...

With pink...

I love these Soul Blossom pinks with Kaffes shot cotton pinks.

Paper piecing this quilt is so relaxing, there is something truly wonderful about sitting down with needle, thread and a gorgeous fabric in hand.

I love the back of this one, I take out the papers as I go only leaving the edge papers in...

The next round is already decided, it will be blue...

It may take a while, I now have 72 diamonds to cut out, baste, stitch together in pairs and threes, then attach to the quilt. That should keep me out of trouble!!! xo

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Lovely Dresden

Now that my Single Girl quilt top is done (yet to be quilted!), I have started another quiltalong. The gorgeous Lynne from Lily's Quilts is hosting a Dresden QAL.

I am only going to make one block however as I have so many other projects I need to get finished and this is a large block. This quilt will be for a friend who is into pink at the moment, so firstly I grabbed a few pinks out of my stash to see which ones were happy to be made into a dresden.

The pink fabrics with touches of orange screamed loudest, so they won!!!

For the background I'm using a gorgeous jacobean type black and white fabric called Salt & Pepper, I just love it.

You can see more beautiful dresden blocks over at Lily's quilt flickr page.

On another subject, I've been trying to play around with my blog 'look' and somehow have changed some colours but not others. I really have no idea what I'm doing, if anyone has any good hints or ideas, I would love to hear them, I am fairly computer illiterate!! So if my blog is looking a little weird for a while, or even disappears all together, you know I have been playing around with the html code (whatever that is!!!) xo